F. Lee Bowling Award

F. Lee Bowling Participation Award Recipients


The F. Lee Bowling Participation Award is given to the College or University with the largest amount of members in the National Intercollegiate Band. The following is a list of schools that have won this award:


1947 University of Colorado
1949 Texas Tech University
1951 Baylor University
1953 University of Colorado
1955 Baylor University
1957 Baylor University
1959 Eastern New Mexico University
1961 University of Arizona
1963 Indiana University
1965 Ricks College
1967 University of Northern Colorado
1969 University of Arizona
1971 Emporia State University
1973 Purdue University
1975 Eastern Michigan State University
1977 University of Maryland
1979 University of Maryland
1981 University of Maryland
1983 University of Maryland
1985 University of Maryland
1987 University of Maryland
1989 University of Maryland

San Diego State University

1991 Texas Tech University
1993 Arizona State University

Louisiana State University

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

1995 Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Stephen F. Austin State University

University of Houston

1997 Illinois State University
1999 Eastern Michigan University
2001 Northwest Missouri State University
2003 West Virginia University
2005 California Polytechnic State University
2007 University of Nebraska, Omaha
2009 Georgia Institute of Technology

Eastern New Mexico University

2011 University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Eastern New Mexico University

2013 Florida Atlantic University
2015 Texas Lutheran University